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Carex, an ecological project

Aircraft & Trucks

Air Freight is currently transported by trucks (50%) or by aircraft (50%)

  • Truck flows represent 180 million TKM*
  • Air flows represent 170 million TKM*


Equivalent in kilos of Carbon :

  • Trucks emit 11 millions kg of CO2 (+/- 3 million)
  • Aircrafts emit 77 millions kg of CO2 (+/- 25 millions)


CAREX trains
For the same air freight transported by high speed train:  

  • The cumulation is 360 million  TKM (Trips are longer than air trips)


Equivalent in kilos of Carbon, production and consumption of electricity:

  • Carex trains will emit 3,3 million kg of CO2 (+/- 800,000)


By comparing the hight value of train emission and the low value of trucks and aircraft emissions, the CAREX trains will emit   17 times less Carbon  than the aircrafts and the trucks which are currently used. 
By comparing the low value of train emission and the high value of trucks and aircraft emissions, the ratio increases to 52. 

Carbon report according to the methodology of ADEME, French Environment and Energy Management Agency
(* TKM : Metric ton-kilometre)

The Carex project as part of the French government’s "national commitment to rail freight"!

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Yanick Paternotte, Member of the French Parliament, Chairman of Roissy Carex and Euro Carex and author of the Parliamentary report «Remettre le fret sur les rails : un défi économique, social et environnemental» (Getting freight back on track: an economic, social and environmental challenge) is ... Read more