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The security rules applying to Carex freight

There are three types of freight flow between freight operator zones and CAREX railports:


  • Internal flow:security-checked flight pallets and containers are transferred by trolley or truck between the airport and the railport using a dedicated customs-controlled road route via the Security Restricted Area (SRA)
  • Secure external flow: security-checked flight pallets and containers are carried on public roads in sealed trucks. The departure and arrival points are within the SRA, and additional security checks are required
  • Non-secure external flow: non-security-checked freight external to the airport is carried on public roads. Security checks will be required


CAREX railports and trains enable "secure" and "non-secure" merchandise to coexist where liability is accepted by a freight forwarding agent recognised as an "approved sub-contractor" by the civil aviation authority. This agent may be either the terminal operator or the rail operator.


Since they will be located within the SRA, Carex railports must comply fully with the security plan and regulations imposed by individual airports, as standardised by European regulation and transposed into national legislation by each national government:


  • Security checks made via a private road access inspection and filtering station (PARIF)
  • Personnel filtering
  • Customs security certification procedures will be undertaken by the operators

The Carex project as part of the French government’s "national commitment to rail freight"!

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