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Two types of flow

The containerised or palletised freight to be carried on CAREX trains will be either pre- and post-final destination shipping within Europe to or from the rest of the world, or strictly intra-European. Depending on the future clients/shippers of the European high-speed rail freight service, it will be split into 2 types of flow:

1. Express Flow

  • This flow usually contains small packages of high added value
  • Meeting delivery deadlines is non-negotiable on the basis of next-day services
  • Delivering the guaranteed service takes precedence over cost
  • This type of service is usually provided by air
  • Freight operators use cargo-only flights or hold capacity on passenger services
  • Time constraints are very tight, with back-up solutions in place
  • Deadlines determine the volumes that will be mode-shifted to CAREX trains

2. Cargo Flow

  • This is for less urgent freight carried under 3-day delivery arrangements
  • Cost takes priority, but contractual delivery times must be met
  • These are goods for pre- and post-final destination shipping within Europe, the majority of which are carried by road under airfreight regulations in specialist trucks adapted to take aircraft pallets. These are referred to as "truck services".
  • The time constraints are less tight

The Carex project as part of the French government’s "national commitment to rail freight"!

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Yanick Paternotte, Member of the French Parliament, Chairman of Roissy Carex and Euro Carex and author of the Parliamentary report «Remettre le fret sur les rails : un défi économique, social et environnemental» (Getting freight back on track: an economic, social and environmental challenge) is ... Read more