EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


Economic and environmental conditions favourable to the project

Express freight is a booming sector with 5 % grwth expected within the next years. It means small volumes with a very high added value. Express and cargo activities are vital for airports' business cases and profitability. Customers have high expectations in terms of deadlines, reliabiity and delivery costs.

For airports, EURO CAREX is a driver for economic growth in order to :

  • strenghen airports services

  • build the airport of the future

  • overcome noise annoyance

For express freight operators and their customers, EURO CAREX helps :

  • strenghening the supply chain

  • positionning on a booming sector

  • anticipating customers' needs

General Assembly

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On November 28th, the General Assembly approved the nomination of Patrick Renaud to the position of Chairman of Euro Carex.  New actions to be conducted in 2017 were validated :  - further studies and efforts in order to set up a Carex railport in Germany - launch of studies for the business plan of a global ... Read more