EURO CAREX : Cargo Rail Express


Euro Carex the power of a truly innovative solution

The concept is based on the use of the existing network and high-speed trains to transport goods over distances of 200-800 kilometers, and connect the largest European logistics sites.  

In a first phase, Euro Carex will connect Amsterdam-Schiphol, Liège, Paris-Roissy-CDG, Lyon-Saint Exupéry airports, as well as the London basin. In a second phase, it will spread to Germany and the to Spain and Italy.

One Euro Carex train

= 100 to 140 tons of freight

= 1 cargo 747-400

= 3 Airbus A310

= 10 to 15 trucks

= 20-30 vans

  • Between 200 and 350 km/h

  • Loading / unloading in 30 minutes max

  • 200 meters long

  • Conditioning of containers between 5° and 32°C

  • Compatible with air freight legal framework

  • Services :

    • Express Next day (before 9am)

    • Quick Next day

    • Differed 1/3 days

EURO CAREX, a boost for employment and sustainable growth to :

  • improve mobility

  • improve the image of goods' transport

  • optimize use of infranstructures

  • reduce toxic emissions

  • integrate green logistics

  • respect legal contraints


At least 17 times less pollution as air and road trafic combined


  • Speed

  • Safety

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Price

  • Traceability

  • Innovation

  • Footprint

  • Connectivity

  • Flexibility

Euro Carex means :

  • a specific rolling stock to transport air pallets and air containers in high-speed trains
  • dedicated rail terminals called "railport" in the immediate vicinity of airports and high-speed rail lines
  • committed and determined public and private partners



General Assembly

Flux rss

On November 28th, the General Assembly approved the nomination of Patrick Renaud to the position of Chairman of Euro Carex.  New actions to be conducted in 2017 were validated :  - further studies and efforts in order to set up a Carex railport in Germany - launch of studies for the business plan of a global ... Read more